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The Bow is a building renovation project by Grace Church Stirchley. Located on the Pershore Road and in the heart of the Stirchley community, it will be home to the church’s regular activities whilst also providing space for community groups and events.

You might have thought that the building was part of the primary school which sits behind it, but it’s actually the former constituency office – and it has fallen into a state of disrepair after being unused for over a decade.

Take a look at the plans for the development from Grace Church Stirchley and Callingham Architects.

Why 'The Bow'?

The Bow represents the tying together of community, as we hope the space will become a hub where local people can gather. A ‘bow’ also means a bend or curve and the building is one of the only places on the High Street where the path widens and bends inwards, a place where pedestrians can step away from the road, away from the busyness. Like an oxbow lake, we hope the building will be a place of calm and refreshment amidst the flow and bustle of the High Street. 

What is the current state of the building?

 The building has had various uses over the years for the people of Stirchley and it is contains a number of architectural features in keeping with other civic buildings in the local area. The site hasn’t been occupied since 2015 when council staff moved to Stirchley Baths. It will need significant repairs and internal works to make the building work well, both for the Church and local community. We are proposing a significant number of changes, including a modest extension to allow a large meeting space as well as a kitchen, office, and other multi-use spaces. Repairing and extending will once again enable the building to serve our community. 

How long will the project take?

 We are currently in the process of agreeing a lease with Birmingham City Council for use of the building and hope to submit a planning application in the coming months. If our application is successful, then we will move forward with our fundraising plans which are currently at an early stage.

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