Welcome to Birmingham!

Birmingham is a brilliant place to be a student! We should know – many of us arrived in the city to study, and we’ve stayed ever since.

Whether you’re excited to get going and exploring, or you’re feeling daunted by your new surroundings, we would love to welcome you at Grace Church. We’re a church that’s all about helping people love Jesus more and more, and we’d love to hear your story and see how we might best support and disciple you during your time here. However you’re feeling, you’ll be sure to receive a warm welcome and an invite to lunch too. Who knows, you might end up sticking around too!

“I’ve really valued having families and older Christians who have taken care of me and encouraged me in my faith.”


“Church has been a massive help in equipping me to talk to others, and making me more confident and assured in my own faith as I talk to other people.”


“Grace Church has a very warm and inviting atmosphere, everyone has been extremely friendly and takes time to get to know you and make you feel welcome into the church family.”


“I have really enjoyed the teaching at Grace Church and the willingness to pursue God’s truth even in relation to perhaps more difficult topics.”


Student Lunches

There’s no better way to get to know people than over food. Church is a family so when you come along you’ll be sure to be invited round for meal. If you know when you will be visiting Grace Church, then sign-up below so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone, and cater for dietary requirements. If not, just turn up and we’ll make sure you receive an invite for lunch! We look forward to meeting you and eating with you!


Once a month, we gather together to eat brunch and feast on a theological topic. We call it brunch-ology. See what we did there? We’re convinced that knowing God better, leads to greater love for him and others, and greater joy and delight in all of life. We discuss a range of topics and are always open to suggestions. How to read the the bible whilst easting brioche, existentialism over eggs on toast, or how to live distinctly at university whilst sharing danish pastries? What’s not to like?

Sign up to up-coming brunch-ology events below.


We want to care for you as best as we can, and to help you love Jesus more and more. That’s why we offer all students the chance to be set up with a 1-2-3. That’s a small group of other students and an older mentor who you can meet with during your time at uni to catch up over coffee, pray together, and read the bible or a good book together. 

This term, 1-2-3s will be provided with a copy of ‘Surprised by Jesus’ by Dane Ortlund.

Sign-up below to join a 1-2-3. 

We meet at 10.30 every Sunday at one of two venues. Each site is a little walk from Selly Oak, or you can jump on the train to Bournville. Alternatively, message Josh & Tab below and we’ll be happy to organise a lift! Find out more about Sundays and where we’re meeting this week, here.

Dell Road

8 Dell Road, Birmingham, B30 2HZ

Stirchley Baths

Bournville Lane, Birmingham B30 2JT

Student Membership
We want you to get stuck in and feel a part of the church family as quickly as possible. That's why we've set up Student Membership
Use Your Gifts
One of the best ways to get stuck in to join a team so you can use your gifts to serve the church.

Contact Josh & Tab

To find out more about Students and how to get involved, please contact Josh & Tab Jackson.

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